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Injector Dynamics Canam X3 Fuel rail kit


Injector Dynamics fuel rail kit for Canam x3 models this kit allows you to remove the Oem plastic rail for a much nicer billet quality part while also having the opportunity to use a return regulator or a pulsation damper.


We have made this kit available 2 different ways with or without the Injector dynamics Regulator/ damper.


Standard kit

•ID fuel rail

•-6orb cap

-6orb to Oem line adapter fitting 


Upgrade kit adds the following 

•-6 orb adapter fitting for regulator/ damper

•ID regulator/ damper


**Note you do not need to run a return line if you order the upgrade kit. You can cap the return port on the regulator and use the regulator as a “PULSATION DAMPER” we highly recommend doing this. The upgrade kit comes with everything you need to complete this.**

Why do I want a “Pulsation Damper”? When working with Non return style fuel systems it’s common to have pressure spikes/ pulsations from the fuel pump and injectors when operating. This can quite possibly create fuel delivery issues. 


Fits 2017-2023 canam x3 models