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Gen 2 Canam Pure Turbo (46mm)


• OE X3 (21-up) compressor 36mm, Pure x BC CNC milled wheel is 46mm with an additional 6 full and 6 splitter blade configuration.
• OE X3 turbine wheel is 36mm, Pure x BC wheel is 43mm with blade geometry designed for improved mass flow.
• Journal bearings have been significantly improved for high boost durability and added reliability.
• Housings are processed on CNC machining centers to accommodate the larger wheel sizes, and improve flow.
•We’ve made 337hp @ 40lbs of boost with this turbo it’s a absolute beast!
•Much faster spool up compared to similar sized turbos on the market.
•Optional (D&M/Dirt Monkey) intake kit to accommodate bigger inlet (same filter kit we run on all our cars).
•Wastegate included