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TPR Canam X3 Catch Can (Bed delete)

TPR crank case breather kits are a huge improvement for crankcase ventilation and are able to capture/contain fuel, water & oil vapor. When boost levels are increased your engine produces more crankcase pressure or “blowby” causing internal pressure contaminating your intake charge which in turn causes pre ignition or “detonation”. Pre ignition is the number one cause of head gasket failures. These tanks are internally baffled and chambered to catch oil, fuel and water vapors without making a mess on your car.

When running ethanol or methanol base fuels, fuel vapors in the crankcase are increased drastically contaminating the engine oil. These kits are designed to capture these vapors keeping your oil cleaner and less fuel contaminated. A drain is installed in the lower portion of tank for easy access of draining all captured fluids. 

These tanks feature a billet mounting bracket that's CNC machined in house. All of these tanks are made in the USA and were designed by TPR. 



 This kit is for cars not utilizing a oem bed and running a bed delete kit.


Line upgrade kit option

TPR offers a "Race Spec" line kit to remove the old oem breather line and plastic fitting in the valve cover for a much cleaner and more reliable pushlock fitting and hose assembly. We highly recommend this option if you're looking to clean up or simplify the engine bay on your car. Please select if you want the line upgrade kit or want to use the stock line.


Color option

TPR has 2 color options "Cerakote Clear" and "Cerakote Black" the Cerakote finishes are a very durable finish to keep the can looking clean! Please select your preferred color.