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D&M Racing Core stage 3 Crate Engine


 This is a Used drop in engine rated to 260 RWHP!


All our “Core” engines are completely rebuild inside and out! It comes with following new parts Cylinder, Oil cooler, Cam chain and guides, Oil pump, complete rebuilt head with bronze exhaust guides and stainless intake valves and inconel exhaust valves with a completely new performance valve job. Etc..

 It features our stage 3 package which includes


Bc Rods w 625+ hardware

Cp Carrillo Pistons

Arp 2000 Head studs 

D&M Chain Tensioner

Bc Billet 68mm crank 


The Stg 3 package is perfect for the weekend warrior that wants to be fast and reliable! if you are in to duning, trail riding, drag racing etc this is the perfect engine for the guys turning up the boost!


 So why choose D&M engines?

We've been building engines for over 25 years and developing Polaris engines for 11 Years! our experience and craftmanship is second to none.


This engine will ship no later than September 9th