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D&M Utv Takeover Race Recap
The little blue car that could!

We often get so many messages on this car and what is done to it so here it is!

The engine is very simple,

@runbc stg2 cams
@runbc behive springs
@arpbolts 625+ 9mm studs
@tprindustry Prototype Valve cover
@tprindustry Prototype Catch can setup

We also just recently added a @tprindustry head and the results are very promising we are constantly updating and developing on this package and this is the most recent feature!

Still on a stock bottom end!!!

Turbo System

@pureturbos Gen2 Prototype
S/A drop in turbo
@whalenspeedrnd billet x plenum
@whalenspeedrnd intercooler
@dirtmonkeyperformance intake

Fuel system

@aemelectronics fuel pump
@injector_dynamics 1300cc inj

1st place unlimited
1st place modified @utv_takeover